Hi all, Does anyone know when the ssl vpn appliance DTE will be available ? This appliance could be used for training and demo purposes, but it's still not on the web site. Is there a release date ? Would you still need a license server to use this appliance ? thanks.

SSL VPNs | Array Networks AccessDirect is Array’s core SSL VPN feature set included with every AG Series physical appliance and vxAG virtual appliance; a range of access methods are supported including Layer-3 network level connectivity, application-level client-server access and Layer-7 Web access via a unified client that provides a superior mix of flexibility, control and security. Pulse Secure Appliance | Purpose-Built and Versatile VPN Jan 01, 2020 SA Series SSL VPN Virtual Appliances The SA Series SSL VPN Virtual Appliances run on VMware, specifically designed to fulfill service provider Software as a Service (SaaS) and other cloud-based corporate service initiatives. SA Series Virtual Appliances can scale to support a virtually unlimited number of …

Manage SSL VPN Client Accounts page is a guidance on how to manage the user accounts for clients to connect to the VPN server.

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