Aug 27, 2018

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Mar 29, 2018 · You'll find all sorts of data, including (in my case, dating back to Nov. 8, 2013): Every single place I've searched in Google Maps. The apps I've opened on Android down to the exact second I Mar 01, 2012 · What does Google know about you? From your phone number to the video you showed your brother on YouTube – Google knows it all, thanks to its new privacy policy, as Channel 4 News discovers. What does Google know about you? Although the answer to this question depends on which Google services and products do you use, as well as the privacy settings that you can change as you wish. Google still knows a lot about each user, no matter what privacy settings do you have, it is almost impossible to protect all your data.

Mar 28, 2018 · Everything else. What other material is out there depends on how you use the platform. I don’t use Google Fit or Google Pay, for example, but all that data would be available if I did.

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