For secure web access, OpenWrt can be accessed via HTTPS (TLS) instead of the unencrypted HTTP protocol. If HTTP is not secure enough for you, you can disable the existing (unencrypted) web access and either Tunnel your connection via SSH.

Aug 31, 2008 openwrt/firewall.config at master · openwrt/openwrt · GitHub openwrt / package / network / config / firewall / files / firewall.config Find file Copy path yousong firewall: document rules for IPSec ESP/ISAKMP with 'name' option 8fb39f1 Mar 28, 2017 Firewall configuration NAT for gaming : openwrt I also googled a lot, but only found one person with similar problems on OnePlus devices (also OpenWrt 802.11r), which can be found in the thread at the beginning. Does anyone of you use a similar setup (802.11r, ideally OpenWrt, Android 10) and can report the same behaviour? I'm still not convinced whether this is an Android or an OpenWrt issue. How to unlock read-only filesystem on OpenWRT router linux

OpenWrt's firewall management application fw3 has three provisioning mechanisms Configuration files: /etc/firewall.user uci does not recognize content within the /etc/firewall.user script. uci commit is necessary to save the changes, but still needs /etc/init.d/firewall reload to reload new tables.

OpenVPN on OpenWrt - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange ISP -> OPENWRT ROUTER(giving -> MYPC(dhcp, not static ip) Thanks for any help/tips. I already googled for hours and asked many experts, but no luck. My purpose is to openvpn to this openwrt router from my PC to have a secured "channel" (from a netcafe, or from the mentioned topology, etc.). The "MYPC" is runing Fedora 14 UPDATE Q: Outbound firewall on OpenWRT - Ars Technica OpenForum

You can apply this patch to OpenWrt's Firewall3 (Recommended). Or manually add the following rules to /etc/firewall.user. iptables -t nat -A zone_wan_prerouting -j FULLCONENAT iptables -t nat -A zone_wan_postrouting -j FULLCONENAT Workaround for conflicting with module nf_conntrack_netlink

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