The East West Link (EWL) project was to have been a $22.8 billion public–private partnership (PPP) to construct and manage an 18 kilometre road linking freeways east and west of Melbourne. Contracts were signed before and terminated after a state election by different governments.

The operation of a PPP link can be described as having a “life” of sort. Just as humans are born, grow, have an adult life span and then die, a PPP link is established, configured, used and eventually terminated. The process of setting up, using and closing a PPP link is described in the PPP standard as a series of phases or states. PPP Link Establishment Process - NE40E V800R011C00 Feature A PPP link begins and ends with this phase. When two devices detect that the physical link between them has been activated, for example, when carrier signals are detected on the physical link, the two devices move from the Dead phase to the Establish phase. After the PPP link is terminated… Common VPN Error Codes – HMA Support Jul 10, 2020

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