When routing packets across a network, things do occasionally go wrong. In these situations, it is helpful to be familiar with the Windows routing tables. Routing tables dictate the flow of packets from the machine in question. This tip will show you how to view the Windows routing tables and how to make sense of the data that is contained

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How to Add, Delete and Modify Static Route Windows 10 and Dec 14, 2019 Route | Microsoft® Docs Clears the routing table of all entries that are not host routes (routes with a netmask of, the loopback network route (routes with a destination of and a netmask of, or a multicast route (routes with a destination of and a netmask of

WHAT'S NEW 2.3 - Bug fixes including a fix for a long standing issue with routes not parsing sometimes - Fix for load/save not working for the first route saved - Fix for slow route planning - Bug fixes and usability improvements throughout all menus - Bug fixes - Improved place search functionality - Can now delete saved routes - Fix for missing map tile overlays 2.0.0

Dec 10, 2013 Add or remove persistent (static) routes in Microsoft Windows. Windows server 2012 r2 with virtual machines also win 2012 r2. I am assigning pubic ip’s to the virtual machine like: route add xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/32 IF 14 –p where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is a public ip. However if I restart the Host, the routes ( persistant ) still exist in route print but aren’t working. Windows: Show and configure network settings using netsh 3 thoughts on “Windows: Show and configure network settings using netsh” janny says: September 4, 2018 at 12:50 PM I agree with your statement that it’s not possible to set Windows Vista dns search suffix with netsh, we have to use powershell as well as wmi for this problem. This is a really good read for me, Keep posting like this type