Sep 06, 2018 · Wi-Fi connections automatically slow internet service due to the technological limitations of most routers, experts say. Time to file a complaint alleging that its predecessor Time Warner

Tech, video games, and a good book. I love all of them, and I'd write about all of them if I had the chance! I've been a teacher in the past, now a writer for tech-related news, guides, and information. May 15, 2019 · This question is about "New Spectrum webmail running EXTREMELY slow", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. the new spectrum webmail interface is running extremely slow taking several minutes to open or delete an email. also, attachments and don't seem to be transfering over and cannot be opened. images are not appearing/showing up in html When Charter first acquired Time Warner, Schneiderman warned the company to deal with Time Warner Cable's service issues, including slow speeds. Originally published at 7:39 a.m. PT. original title: Slow internet connection. I have 1 HP windows 7 desktop,2 laptops running windows 7. All three have worked fine until a few days ago. now if I reboot my timewarner modem and my wireless router I can check my speed very fast for a few vminutes then speed drops to only around 2,ooo download and 900 ms in time,Cable guys been here 2 times.Their laptop checks everything great very Mar 22, 2020 · Minimize the number of running services. When you have a slow Internet connection, you generally can't run more than one bandwidth-heavy service (e.g., Netflix, an online video game, YouTube, etc.) at a time; however, running several smaller bandwidth-using items can also be detrimental to your Internet's speed. Get a great deal on fast Internet from Time Warner Cable. With in-home WiFi and hundreds of thousands of hotspots nationwide, you can stay connected to what matters most. Feb 10, 2020 · There are also alternate reasons why internet speeds could be slow which have nothing to do with Time Warner or your ISP at all. These could include using old equipment, such as routers, modems, or computers, having too many devices hooked up to your home Wi-Fi connection at any one time, a weak Wi-Fi signal in the place you are connecting, or

Last time your tech said there were no connection problems. We are teaching online this fall and need stable internet - either fix it or stop charging us so much for it! ? 2020-07-19 00:00:43

Oct 26, 2015 · When a company such as Time Warner Cable advertises speeds of, say, 300 megabits per second, "they don't promise you'll have 300 Mbps to Time Warner Cable — they promise 300 Mbps to the Internet The service was shotty and the few times the t.v. could be watched it was hard to get the connection to stay to even change the channel. It would take hitting the button on the controller 5 to 10 times before it worked. Also it was slow. The internet and t.v. both were very slow and disconnected easily. Time Warner Cable has gave me one too many problems and I am getting ready to switch Internet Service Provider. For the last 3 to 4 months I had very bad connection speed. They advertise them selves as High Speed Internet which is around 5 to 8 MBPS. Forum discussion: Hi guys, I've been having very slow connection speed every night from 5pm - 2am every night. After 3 month of cleaning my cookies, restarting modems, bypassing routers, and Aug 31, 2016 · Under Network and Internet, click Connect to the Internet. The type of connection you have makes a difference. The type of Internet connection you use is the most important factor in determining your connection speed. The three most common ways to connect to the Internet from home are dial-up, DSL, and cable. Mar 29, 2019 · If this is the case, contact Time Warner Cable. If a serious interference like heavy weather conditions or electrical repairs are occurring near you or the Time Warner Cable offices, the problem is probably being worked on already. In that case, customer support lines at Time Warner Cable are most likely packed and calling will not achieve much. Re: Internet slower than Spectrum claims This one is on me. My HP desktop is only a 10/100 and can't be upgraded to a 10/100/1000. the moterboard has no expansion slots and I tried a USB network connection and even though it was suppose to support 10/100/1000 it performed worse than my onboard card.